Promoting innovation, sustainability and professionalism across projects within the geospatial , spatial planning, geotechnical investigations, instrumentation, monitoring and environmental sectors.


We aim to effectively and efficiently respond to project implementation challenges through adoption of latest technologies and data driven innovations.


Geospatial Services

Metricon core geospatial services places latest technologies and advances in the geospatial industry to  provide clients wide range of options in capturing, storing, analysis and visualization of ever dynamic spatial data key in decision making.

Civil Construction Survey & Site Engineering Survey

We  provide responsive surveying services and solutions to our clients. We acknowledge that survey play key role and is core in supporting planning,  and maintenance of infrastructure  across all project phases.our team provides accurate survey deliverable for optimum infrastructure development feasibility studies,planning,designs  and project completion

Town Planning, urban Design and masterplans

Our Urban Planning, urban design and master planning services seek to create places that respect the environment, deliver efficient responses to site challenges, and social sustainability.

Metricon Team are inspired by the rapid growth of technology and innovation and leverages these to enhance projects delivery and automation of land based and infrastructure data.

Technical project managers are important, particularly for complex projects.We deploy our experience and skills to guide a projects to completion and provide support for project team that rely on accurate data and workflows for end-to-end project reporting.

About Our Company

We are multi-disciplinary consultants offering various services for various sectors including geospatial, urban planning and design, geo-environment, climate change and environment, instrumentation and monitoring within the AEC industry.

We support organisations to successfully implement projects.

Metricon strives to  integrate modern technology and innovations ensuring projects meet benefits from modern workflows that ensures competitiveness ,accuracy and standards within reasonable budget.

We are focused in providing best of services in the industry and will be glad to work with you.

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